65Security is a fast growing expert house in Cyber security services for authorities, Courts, Law firms and companies needing advanced Security services due to the internal or external reasons. 65Security provides assessment and threat analysis, penetration testing, advanced attack simulations and red team services. 65Security also provides compliance and intellectual property analysis, crisis management services, and eDiscovery and bankruptcy data bank services for law firms and reverse engineering services.


Academic Work (partner)

Academic Work is a recruitment company specialised in young professionals – academics still in their studies or in the beginning of their career. Our Academy solution offers accelerated learning programs for career shifters of all ages – we re-skill people to meet specific technical needs of our clients in industries experiencing skills shortage, including cybersecurity. For companies, we offer a single point of contact – experts with deep knowledge of industry trends, talent sourcing, re-skilling, staffing and recruiting. We make people and companies grow. 



Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, with more than 323,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. The company generated net revenues of US$30.0 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2014.


Agendium Oy


Airbus Defence & Space

A global pioneer in aeronautics, space and defence-related services, creating cutting-edge technology. Combining European heritage with global outreach, the diversity of our talent and technology drives innovation, integration and internationalisation. This shapes the company we are today and our vision for the future, helping the world cope with the challenges it faces.


Arctic Security

Arctic Security helps turn raw cyber threat data into harmonized threat intelligence. We create tools to automate the collection, harmonization, processing and distribution of threat information. Company is based in Finland and our team has extensive experience in working in the cyber threat intelligence industry.



BaseN, established 2001, is the inherently scalable computing Platform for hosting billions of spimes, the core objects of the IoT. BaseN handles close to one million spime transactions per second, enabling the transformation from products to intelligent services.



Binare.io is a cybersecurity deep­-tech spin-off from the University of Jyväskylä, and boasts more than a decade of research vision, experience and international peer acceptance. We offer both automated solutions and professional advisory services to meet your needs for (IIot/IoT/embedded) cybersecurity and digital privacy. Our professional advisory services leverage our unique feature­ rich SaaS platform and our team's top international expertise to offer cybersecurity services, such as penetration testing, detailed cybersecurity assessments and pre-certification readiness for IIot/IoT/embedded devices, firmware and software.



Bittium is specialized in developing reliable and secure communications and connectivity solutions using the latest technologies and deep knowledge on radio technology. Bittium provides innovative products and customized solutions based on its product platforms, and R&D services for customers in various industries. Bittium also offers high quality information security solutions for mobile devices and portable computers.


Business College Helsinki (partner)

Business College Helsinki provides high quality vocational education in the field of business and ICT. In addition to qualification based training we organize education programs for adults who are career pivoting to software developer or cyber security specialist roles.These programs are conducted together with our partnering companies.


CGI Suomi Oy


Check Point Software Technologies (Finland) Oy

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to corporate enterprises and governments globally. Check Point Infinity’s portfolio of solutions protects enterprises and public organizations from 5th generation cyber-attacks with an industry leading catch rate of malware, ransomware and other threats. Infinity comprises three core pillars delivering uncompromised security and generation V threat prevention across enterprise environments: Check Point Harmony, for remote users; Check Point CloudGuard, to automatically secure clouds; and Check Point Quantum, to protect network perimeters and datacenters, all controlled by the industry’s most comprehensive, intuitive unified security management; Check Point Horizon, a prevention-first security operations suite. Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.


Cinia Oy

Cinia is a Finnish data communications and information technology conglom­erate, providing a network, software and cybersecurity services. We act as a telecommunications operator and provide wide range of ICT expert and connectivity services, as well as development services for IT­ intensive systems and software. Strong expertise in mission-critical solution development is built on an uncompromised focus on robustness and reliability.



Combitech Oy is a Finnish company specialized in security and defence solutions and services. We build security together with our customers. We offer: software solutions for security and defence, cyber security solutions and consultation as well as software development and systems’ integration services. Our knowledge and skills in security and defence related software development and in project management guarantee success in any project. We also offer the vast competence network of Combitech AB to our customers.



Crosshill designs and manufactures high security embedded systems for military, aerospace and telecom customers. Developed systems are protected against modern attack and tampering methods, to guarantee security and operational capabilities in all circumstances. We also provide state-of-the-art security and attack testing services, combining hardware, software and cryptanalysis attacks, to evaluate the overall security level of embedded systems and devices. Crosshill has extensive experience in advanced microelectronic systems such as FPGAs, SoCs, DSPs and Cryptographic Processors, that lay the foundation of high secure cryptographic equipments and communication systems.



CSIT is an Identity and Access Management service & software company from Finland. CSIT develop custom IAM solutions, especially aimed at the healthcare-, public- and educational sectors. CSIT deliver together with their partners complete platforms consisting of in-house, leading international vendor, and open-source software. CSIT's services consist of solution deliveries, continuous services and consultation.



At Cult Security, our mission is to make online safety, security and privacy accessible to all. We are activists for equal digital rights and diversity in tech. Our CyberCoach app is a security and safety awareness training app with a social impact. We work globally with responsible companies of all sizes to coach their employees to protect their employees and customers. With CyberCoach, our customers also support their employees with their own personal security, as well as the security of those they care about, including their children and parents.


CyberDo Oy

CyberDo, a member of the Sevendos family, is the first cyber security talent agency in Finland. We provide highly skilled and experienced cyber security experts to all industries and organizations to secure their businesses. For independent cyber professionals we are the best community to get rewarding and interesting assignments.


Cyberismo Oy

Cyberismo is a consulting company dedicated to fortifying the digital landscape. We base our approach on open collaboration and the courage to focus on delivering impactful results. We simplify and optimise cybersecurity management while aiding teams in integrating cybersecurity into their daily operations. Cyberismo offers a range of services including product cybersecurity strategy, building cybersecurity management systems, ensuring compliance with security standards and regulations, implementing Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL, SDLC), adopting secure development and DevSecOps, designing security target architecture and technology roadmaps, conducting security testing and inspections, and cybersecurity training.


Cybersec Oy

Cybersec Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2012 that specializes in advanced cyber technologies and services. We represent and import the best available technologies to detect and combat modern cyber threats. We are a skilled player with a strong focus on selected Threat Intelligence technologies, training and consulting. With the latest analysis and analytics solutions, we can monitor various phenomena and events in the cyber environment and thus improve our customer`s situational awareness and cyber resilience.



Cyberwatch Finland provides strategic situational reviews, consultation and education. Improved holistic understanding of the cyber world helps organizations to prepare and protect themselves from constantly changing cyber threats.


CybExer Technologies

CybExer Technologies provides comprehensive cyber security training solutions to increase organizational cyber resilience. Our platform offers a range of advanced cyber security training modules designed to enhance the cyber capabilities of organizations. With our cutting-edge cyber range, organizations can conduct highly realistic live-fire exercises that simulate real-world cyber attacks. This allows cyber security and IT teams to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, thereby improving their prevention and response strategies. Our platform offers a versatile training experience that includes capture-the-flag exercises and actionable skill-testing modules, where trainees engage in active testing rather than just answering right-wrong questionnaires. Additionally, our controlled environment evaluations of solutions offer a safe and effective way to test and evaluate cyber security solutions.


Cyblem Oy



D-Fence high availability security service protects corporate email communication, the company and it's employee's against cyber threats. The higher data security creates better risk management and increase the corporate competitive edge.


Deloitte Oy

Deloitte is a leading global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services. As a worldwide leader in cyber threats, strategy and technologies, we offer a fully customizable suite of cyber solutions, for instance, threat hunting, cyber strategy, 3rd party risk management, business continuity, cyber exercises and managed services, tailored to meet your regional needs. More details on our website https://www2.deloitte.com/fi/fi/pages/risk/solutions/cyber-risk.html?icid=top_cyber-risk


Difseco Oy

Difseco Oy is the only company in Finland that is purely focused on Digital Forensics. Our digital forensic investigators have extensive experience in conducting cutting-edge investigations for corporations and organizations of different sizes. Our investigations are meticulously documented, and our investigators are ready to provide expert testimonies in legal proceedings as required. In addition, Difseco provides training courses to diverse range of professionals within the DFIR field, forensically sound data collections, forensics software and hardware to law enforcement and other government entities as well as for corporations.



Elisa is a telecommunications, ICT and online service company serving 2.3 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation customers.


F-Secure Oyj

F-Secure makes every digital moment more secure, for every¬one. We deliver brilliantly simple, friction-less security experiences that make life easier for the tens of millions of people we protect and our 200+ service provider partners. For more than 30 years, we’ve led the cyber security industry, inspired by a pioneering spirit born out of a shared commitment to do better by working together.


Fitsec Oy

Fitsec Ltd is a premier Finnish company specializing in Threat Intelligence. Since 2009 we have been dedicated to mastering the complexities of cybersecurity. The focus on advanced Threat Intelligence ensures that the clients of Fitsec are always a step ahead in safeguarding their digital assets and we are empowering clients to proactively defend against evolving digital threats. Proudly based in Finland, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of cybersecurity excellence, ensuring that our clients stay ahead in this ever-changing digital landscape.


Fortinet Finland Oy

Fortinet makes possible a digital world that we can always trust through its mission to protect people, devices, and data everywhere. This is why the world’s largest enterprises, service providers, and government organizations choose Fortinet to securely accelerate their digital journey. The Fortinet Security Fabric platform delivers broad, integrated, and automated protections across the entire digital attack surface, securing critical devices, data, applications, and connections from the data center to the cloud to the home office. Ranking #1 in the most security appliances shipped worldwide, more than 595,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses. And the Fortinet NSE Training Institute, an initiative of Fortinet’s Training Advancement Agenda (TAA), provides one of the largest and broadest training programs in the industry to make cyber training and new career opportunities available to everyone.


Fraktal Oy


Fujitsu Finland Oy

Fujitsu's purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. As the digital transformation partner of choice for customers in over 100 countries, our 124,000 employees work to resolve some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Our range of services and solutions draw on five key technologies: Computing, Networks, AI, Data & Security, and Converging Technologies, which we bring together to deliver sustainability transformation. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 3.6 trillion yen (US$32 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022 and remains the top digital services company in Japan by market share. Find out more: www.fujitsu.com/


Gofore Oyj

Gofore is a fast growing software- and consulting company with passion for pioneering an ethical and safer digital world. Gofore offers services for the whole lifecycle of digitalization.

Gofore responds to the challenges faced by organisations by providing expert services for holistic transformation, including digital transformation consulting, service design, digital service development, and digital quality assurance and cyber security. We see that, as processes and operating methods become more efficient, the entire organisation becomes more flexible and digitally resilient, and can continue to work in a constantly evolving way and thrive as a result of change.



Granite is an agile solution for GRC – Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. Granite empowers you to evolve your company's risk management culture. It’s the solution for advancing your ability to develop, expand and standardize risk management, information and cyber security and compliance practices. The key functionalities of Granite are risk identification and assessment, mitigation prioritization and maintaining compliance and personnel awareness. Granite is an easy-to-use solution with quick deployment that doesn’t cost a fortune. Granite has good possibilities for customisation and localisation to support customers’ specific needs. Granite provides modern platform for its partners to digitalize their professional services.


Gurulogic Microsystems Oy

Gurulogic Microsystems Oy is a Finnish technology company with long history in developing innovative technologies. Today the company is focusing on security related technologies, with vast possibilities in enabling for example implementing digital identity wallet and electronic signatures. The path to this has passed through years of innovating, starting from developing video conferencing and surveillance solutions to unique video and image coding methods, and eventually via novel data encryption solutions to developing their own, secure Starwindow(R) identity platform capable of providing automated secure user onboarding for different types of applications.



Hoxhunt is a People-First Cybersecurity Platform that protects organizations and their employees from the risk of cyber attacks. Hoxhunt empowers employees with the skills and confidence to recognize and respond to attacks wherever they arise and provides security teams with real-time visibility into threats so they can react fast and limit their spread. The entire platform is autonomous, freeing up considerable time and allowing security teams to focus on what matters. Hoxhunt works with Global 2000 organizations from a variety of industries, such as financial services, manufacturing, telecommunication, retail, and much more, to help our customers educate their employees better and thus reduce the risks related to human error.


ICT Elmo Oy

ICT Elmo Oy (Elmo) is a Finnish ICT service and cyber security provider for corporate customers. Elmo is owned by ElmoNet oy and the executive management. Elmo's purpose is to be the most customer driven and human centric ICT provider in finland. This unique way of working with customer, partners and Elmo people is defined in the Elmo Way culture book. Elmo provides taylored IT-outsourcing services and information security solutions for computer networks, local area networks, cloud services, data center services, related management and monitoring services, as well as technical and administrative information security consulting and development (development of an information security management system (ISMS)). Elmo service management system is ISO20000-1 certified and information security management system ISO27001 certified. Both management systems cover all ICT services provided by Elmo and related business (development, operations, support), processes and facilities. Elmo is a growth company and the turnover in 2023 was 19.7 million euros. Elmo has more than 100 experts located in Tampere, Helsinki, Vantaa and Turku. We provide services everywhere in Finland and also abroad. 


Inclus Oy



Insta DefSec provides mission-critical cyber and information security solutions in the fields of PKI, identity and key management, network security, log management and SIEM. We develop and deliver solutions to protect our customers' critical resources and to improve their ability to detect and react to cyber threats. Our success is based on the ability to combine the best products and technologies on the market with 30 years of experience and expertise in the cyber and information security field. Our products, services and customized solutions are trusted by demanding customers such as companies in the financial, telecom and energy fields, ministries, state administration and military. Our cyber security solutions are used in more than 50 countries around the world.


IQM Quantum Computers

IQM Quantum Computers builds world-leading quantum computers for the well-being of humankind, now and for the future. As a European leader, IQM has over 250 employees with offices in Paris, Madrid, Munich, Singapore, and Espoo. IQM provides on-premises quantum computers for supercomputing centres and research labs and offers full access to its hardware. IQM also delivers quantum advantage through a unique application-specific, co-design approach. IQM’s commercial quantum computers include Finland’s first commercial 54-qubit quantum computer with VTT, IQM-led consortium’s (Q-Exa) HPC quantum accelerator in Germany, and IQM processors will also be used in the first quantum accelerator in Spain. Find out more: https://www.meetiqm.com/



Jetico provides military-standard data protection software for all highly sensitive information and mission-critical data throughout the lifecycle.


JMJping Oy


Johdanto Oy

Johdanto provides IT Consultancy and Interim Management Services in the fields of Software Product Development, Digitalization Strategy, Strategic Process Development, and ICT Change Management.


Juurin Oy 


Jyväskylän Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

JAMK University of Applied Sciences is an international higher education institution with expertise in 8 different fields of study. We are your global partner whether you want to develop individuals in your organisation or an entire education system. JAMK is a significant national actor in education, RDI activity and services related to Cyber Security. We have Finland’s leading independent cyber security research, development, and training center JYVSECTEC, Jyväskylä Security Technology. The aim of JYVSECTEC is to provide a real added value and acceleration of technological development and preparedness against modern threats for our customers.


Jyväskylän yliopisto


Kasin Consulting

Kasin Consulting is a management consulting company focused on cyber security domain. It helps its customers to broaden their view, strategy and business in the versatile international cyber domain.


Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT (partner)

LUT University (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) is a pioneering science university in Finland, bringing together the fields of science and business since 1969. Our international community is composed of approximately 6,500 students and experts engaged in scientific research and academic education. Clean energy and water, circular economy and sustainable business are the key questions of humankind to which LUT seeks solutions through technology and business. We promote business generated by scientific research.


Laurea-ammattikorkeakoulu Oy

Laurea University of Applied Sciences operates in Uusimaa region at six different campuses. There are about 7,800 students, 600 staff members and 30,000 alumni in our community. Laurea offers both Cybersecurity- and Safety, Security and Risk Management-education. Laurea has also strong network in European RDI-sector which offers great research possibilities for industrial actors and academias. Our aim is to enhance national workforce capacity and competency level in the field of cybersecurity.


LAV Security

LAV Security Ltd is an information security consulting company in Finland specializing in vulnerability assessments, web application audits, outsourcing consultancy and various types of risk analysis. This web site contains articles in Finnish on both technical security issues and challenges in information security management.



LenelS2 is the global leader in advanced physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance and mobile credentialing.
We innovate products, systems and services to address the most complex, evolving needs of some of the world's most demanding organizations. Whether you’re operating a small- to medium-sized business or the largest global enterprise, our solutions are built to solve your unique challenges. Focusing Comprehensive Solutions for Greater Security, Safety and Efficiency.


Locotech Oy


Loihde Trust Oy

Loihde Trust is a pioneer in comprehensive corporate security. We protect information, people and property from both physical and digital threats. Our solutions range from cyber security and IT infrastructure services to security technologies from video surveillance to locking. By approaching security as a whole, we can provide our customers with an operational environment where the focus can be on core competencies and development. All of this is made possible by our near 500 experts all over Finland.



The security of our customers' computers and networks is a top priority. We are committed to building software and services that help protect our customers and the industry. Our approach to security includes both technological and social aspects, and we strive to ensure that information and data are safe and confidential.



The Mideye service - strong authentication in the cloud. Using the mobile phone as a security token. Mideye is a user-friendly two-factor authentication service that utilizes the mobile phone as a second layer of login security. We are more than happy to help you.


Mint Security

Mint Security is focused on cyber security and information security consulting. Our comprehensive service and consulting portfolio includes information security management systems (ISMS), secure software development life cycle processes, information security processes and risk management as well as technical security expertise including SIEMs and other security technologies. We have good expertise in information security standards and regulation. Besides consulting we offer leading information security products and services, our top offering being Veracode, AlphaSOC, Spamhaus, Dome9 and Holm Security. We put effort in knowing and caring about our customers. We combine various strengths and strong views for the benefit of our customers. Everything is überconsulting.



Moonsoft Oy specializes in software sales and deployment for corporates, academic institutions and the public sector. Our customer base consists companies in Nordic and the Baltics. Our excellent ability to help the customer select the correct products and licensing for their organizations makes us stand out from the competition. Our core business is software sales from the world’s leading suppliers, but we also provide professional services, support and tools to help our customers properly manage the complete software lifecycle from start to finish.


Movial Oy

Movial is a software engineering company specializing in secure embedded, mobile, and digital solutions to create user-centric experiences – we are The Experience Engineering Company.

Since 2001 we have partnered with companies not only in Finland but globally, designing software solutions that ensure optimal functionality and reliability, thus helping businesses strengthen their operations.

We believe that cybersecurity should be an integral part of the development process, not an afterthought. That's why we combine expert software development skills with a cybersecurity vision to create a flexible architecture – security and privacy built right into the code.


Netchain Company Oy

Netchain is a leading consultancy firm dedicated to strengthening digital business through contemporary best practices. Our company is founded on values such as confidentiality, transparency, visionary thinking, and a networked approach, offering diverse consulting services in IT and cybersecurity management and implementation. Our unique approach to cybersecurity focuses on how we can make cybersecurity management in your organization more agile and optimized. We assist experts and business leaders in integrating cybersecurity into their daily operations. We provide expertise in project and program management, including the development of cybersecurity strategies, public cloud transformation, the construction of cybersecurity management systems, ensuring compliance with security standards and regulations, selecting SOC- providers, and the adoption of DevSecOps as a part of everyday practices. Netchain is also a reliable partner in conducting impartial assessments of organizations' current IT and cybersecurity services. We competitively procure, project-manage, and identify the right service provider for your organization. Additionally, we offer high-quality training services for end-users and business executives alike. We serve businesses, communities, and the public sector to help them enhance their digital security, efficiency, and service delivery. 



Netox is a Finnish cyber security and IT service provider with corporate customers both in Finland and abroad. Netox offers cyber security services, IT support and specialist services, hardware and software solutions and high-availability secure cloud services. Netox Security as a Service includes a set of standards, procedures, and processes that align policy, business and technological approaches to address cyber risks. Netox provides a prioritized, flexible, repeatable, performance- based, and cost-effective approach, including information security measures and controls, to customers critical infrastructure to identify, mitigate and manage cyber risks. Netox invests strongly in continuous competence and cyber security development. Netox service management system is ISO20000-1, ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified. Cyber security framework covers customer specified and certified KATAKRI2015 technical environment. Netox risk management process is complying with NIST guidelines. Netox constantly develops its services to meet the Customers needs in a changing world and cyber framework. Netox is strongly involved in international cyber security research programs and development projects. Netox goal is to be the most valued and trusted partner for our customers. Netox headoffice is located in Oulu Finland. Netox has partners and subcontractors in Finland, Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, the United States, Oman and China.



Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. Our passion is to help organizations embrace digitalization securely. Partnering with our clients we provide practical solutions for ensuring business continuity, an easy access to digital services and data protection. We aim to provide the best workplace to our team of nearly 400 cybersecurity professionals with a hands-on attitude. With Nordic roots we serve enterprise clients worldwide. Nixu shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange.


Nobilitas Oy

Nobilitas is a consulting company specializing in security and defence, providing strategig and senior advisor -level services for customer company leadership and management.


Oy IBM Finland Ab

IBM is a leading provider of global hybrid cloud, AI and security expertise. We help
clients in more than 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data, streamline
business processes, reduce costs and gain the competitive edge in their industries.
IBM Security offers one of the most advanced and integrated portfolios of enterprise
security products and technologies. The portfolio, supported by IBM X-Force
research help organizations drive security into the fabric of their business so they
can thrive in the face of uncertainty.

IBM's hybrid cloud platform, Red Hat OpenShift and Security portfolio serves globally
the government and corporate entities in their digital transformations quickly,
efficiently and securely. IBM's breakthrough innovations in AI, quantum computing,
industry-specific cloud solutions and security deliver open and flexible options to our
clients. All of this is backed by IBM's long-standing commitment to trust,
transparency, responsibility, inclusivity and service.


Oivan Group Oy

Oivan is a full-stack digitalization company with outstanding expertise in technology and cybersecurity.  Oivan team has an excellent academic and industrial background with more than two decades of experience in protecting and empowering the operations of our clients and partners. Oivan cybersecurity expertise focuses on the following domains: 

- Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
- Application Security 
- Infrastructure Security 
- Security Operations
- Adversary Simulation


Opsec Oy

Opsec Oy's services consist of expert and development services in data protection, information security and information management, as well as it-environment monitoring, maintenance and support services. Opsec also has the authority of the Police Administration and a business licence for the security sector in the investigation leading to the uncovering of crimes. This may be needed, in particular, in the investigation of data protection exceptions or data breaches. Opsec Oy's operations consist of developing and supporting the business operations of companies in terms of data protection, information security and information management. The company's international operations consist of developing the international business of its Finnish customers. 



Patria is a trusted provider of defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions. Patria is owned by the state of Finland (100%).


PECB Group Inc

PECB is a certification body that provides education, certification, and certificate programs for individuals on a wide range of disciplines. PECB’s expertise is in multiple fields, with a special emphasis in: Information Security, Cybersecurity, GRC, Privacy, and Digital Transformation, Quality, Management, and Sustainability. For more, please visit https://pecb.com/



A video technology company that solves complex communication challenges. Pexip develops the most advanced, secure, and adaptable video technology while staying at the forefront of regulation, compliance, and cyber-security. Today, Pexip powers everything from business communication to ultra-secure government meetings, doctor’s appointments, and court proceedings.



Piceasoft is a Finnish company, located in Tampere. Since it was founded in 2012, Piceasoft has created a unique set of software solutions to cover the whole lifecycle of mobile devices. These solutions create new business opportunities and enable a cost-efficient service for mobile operators and retail chains. Our innovative products are disrupting mobile device buyback, repair and recycling business. Our software products are easy to use and offer added value to the end user, which means better ROI and user satisfaction. In short, we promise to Simplify Your Mobile Life.



PriveComms Oy is a Finnish technology platform company, which develops advanced cybersecurity solutions to meet the requirements of the new digital world. Our mission: PRIVE communication solutions provide secure and resilient mobile devices and independent networks for all core communication applications including voice, video and data transfer. PRIVE platform secures operating capability in all circumstances – even when public networks are not available. PriveComms platform: PriveComms platform is designed to face the modern digitalized world, where trust must be dealt with in a new way. The combination of multiple elements creates the capability of offering highly secured products, solutions and a unique development platform.

  • Our technology architecture is based on the clean hardware and clean software approach adopting the Zero Trust methodology
  • Our resilient and dedicated operating system PriveOS encapsulates the strengths and unique capabilities of the platform
  • Proprietary consensus based MultiParty Protocol (MPP) represents the new generation in the authentication and key exchange between multiple entities

Multi-disciplined PRIVEComms team includes deep level software engineers, hardware experts, security specialists and leading crypto specialists.


Remod Oy



The city of Salo is situated in the coastal area of Southwest Finland right next to the E18 highway. Distance to Helsinki is 110km and 55km to Turku. The city has 5 200 companies and is known worldwide for wireless technology development and electronics production know-how. The city is being built into a Smart City where cyber security is taken seriously. For cyber security companies, Salo wants to offer a gateway to successful businesses, and a fast track to operations that saves time and money. For example, at Salo IoT Park, there are ready-to-move-in and state-of-the-art facilities for large scale production and R&D&I. Considerable recruitment support and subsidies are provided by the city employment services. Furthermore, Salo offers an extensive network of high-skilled professionals: engineers, designers, experts in setting up factories etc. The cyber security laboratory of Turku University of Applied Sciences is also located at Salo IoT Campus.


Saranen Consulting

Saranen Consulting is the leading Finnish provider in recruitment training programs. Through our concepts, Finnish Information Security Companies have recruited almost 100 specialists. Saranen currently employs 30 professionals in Espoo, Kuopio, Oulu and Tampere.



Seclion is a Finnish company specialising in security consulting and engineering services. We provide administrative, physical, and cyber security consulting services, assessments, planning, and development for both public and private sector organisations operating in Finland. Our clients appreciate our comprehensive understanding of modern security and safety solutions, positive problem-solving attitude and expertise in the areas of corporate security, process development, procurement, and project management.


Second Nature Security

2NS (Second Nature Security Ltd) is independent information security auditing company specializing in software, hardware and network security audit and assurance. 2NS’s business was founded around ten years ago and they have completed more than 1000 security projects in several countries since then. 2NS’s main competences are vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, security audit, application and network security and secure software development processes.


Sectra Communications Oy



SensorFleet solution is an open, scalable and transparent cyber sensor platform for deploying and managing the detection, protection and scanning capabilities. Need to run IDS on scale? Occasional traffic recording in different network segments? Bring clarity to fragmented cyber security tools and orchestrate capabilities as SensorFleet Instruments.


Silverskin Information Security



Throughout our history, we have developed leading edge security solutions that enable organizations to protect against a rapidly growing threat landscape that includes both internal and external actors. Our platform based approach to Secure Shell deployment and management provides the only solution on the market that addresses the need for security, compliance and operational efficiency in today’s complex enterprise environments.


Suomen Erillisverkot Oy


Suomen Huoltovarmuusdata Oy

Suomen Huoltovarmuusdata Oy specializes in producing highly secured datacentre services strictly for Finnish supply security critical companies and organizations. Suomen Huoltovarmuusdata provides DataCenter-, Operational-, Storage- and Backup Services for organizations and companies with critical infrastructure.


Suomen Turvaposti

Securedmail.eu enables you to send and receive confidential information as encrypted.



SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable and secure enterprise open source solutions, including SUSE Linux Enterprise, Rancher and NeuVector. More than 60% of the Fortune 500 rely on SUSE to power their mission-critical workloads, enabling them to innovate everywhere – from the data center to the cloud, to the edge and beyond. SUSE puts the “open” back in open source, collaborating with partners and communities to give customers the agility to tackle innovation challenges today and the freedom to evolve their strategy and solutions tomorrow. For more information, visit www.suse.com.




Technology Industries of Finland

Technology Industries of Finland is the lobbying organization for technology industry companies.


TietoEVRY Oyj


Tietotekniikkapalvelut Mika Tunninen Oy


Tikkasec Oy


Tougher One

Tougher One is a Finnish cybersecurity company located in Tampere. We provide you with a trusted advisor who will ensure you can focus on your core business while knowing it is running securely. Our capabilities of integrating into your requirements, organization, processes, and capabilities ensure that you will get the best service and quality for your needs.
We help startups to grow towards global markets and companies in Finnish markets to ensure governance, risk, and compliance. We evaluate risks and answer questions about why, how, and with what, providing solutions fitting your needs. Customer requirements are the key factors when planning for security and protection capabilities. No unnecessary tools, licenses, or extra costs. Just enough to meet the risk levels and risk treatment plans. This is crucial for a successful and efficient security program.
Our employees are experienced industry-certified professionals with knowledge of modern security standards and the implementation of compliance requirements such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001. We can suggest the right tools and make the coordination effort for your compliance journey and keep your controls compliant so you can focus on your customers and services.


Trend Micro

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Leveraging over 30 years of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro enables resilience for businesses, governments, and consumers with connected solutions across cloud workloads, endpoints, email, IIoT, and networks. Our XGen™ security strategy powers our solutions with a cross-generational blend of threat-defense techniques that are optimized for key environments and leverage shared threat intelligence for better, faster protection. With over 6,700 employees in 65 countries, and the world’s most advanced global threat research and intelligence, Trend Micro enables organizations to secure their connected world.


Truesec: We Stay Ahead of Cybercrime

As a global cybersecurity company, we’re proud to be at the forefront of protecting organizations and our society against cyber threats. With threat intelligence-driven services, real-world insights, and specialists covering the entire cybersecurity spectrum, we help defend your most valuable data assets every day.

When cybercrime strikes you need to be ready. We help you prevent and minimize the impact of a cyber attack. With true expertise and real-world insights, we support your organization in all areas affected by cybercrime. Our global team of more than 250 purpose-driven cybersecurity specialists is fuelled by expertise and a genuine willingness to make a difference.


Turku University of Applied Sciences

Turku University of Applied Sciences is an inspiring community of 10 000 members – an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution. Our security research focuses on wireless networks, IoT cybersecurity as well as safety and security management.



Unikie is a software solution house that develops technology for secure real-time processes. The services focus on the crossroads of three global macro trends - IoE, 5G, AI, where Unikie's technology solutions enable continuous environmental awareness and decision-making and monitoring based on it. Integrity and reliability of network traffic are essential prerequisites for applications. Cybersecurity has become a significant part of Unikie's business operations. Unikie's customers are pioneers in the use of real-time data in the automotive, industrial and telecommunications industries around the world.


University of Turku

The University of Turku is a leading Finnish university in cyber security research and education. Our research in cyber security engineering covers all abstraction levels and key application domains of networked systems from IoT to global internetworking, targeting future technologies needed in building a secure digital society. The number of new graduates from our university with M.Sc.(Tech.) degrees (diplomi-insinööri) in cyber security engineering is annually about 30-40.


University of Vaasa

The University of Vaasa is a business-oriented and multidisciplinary science university located in Vaasa, Finland. The university has four schools: The School of Accounting and Finance, The School of Management, The School of Marketing and Communications, and the School of Technology and Innovations. The University of Vaasa is one of the largest business universities in Finland, and it has around 550 personnel and 5000 students in various programs and different degrees. The University of Vaasa focuses on research, especially related to the energy sector. The university has three research platforms: Vaasa Energy and Business Innovation Centre VEBIC, the Digital Economy Research Platform DigiEco, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship InnoLab. The platforms are multidisciplinary and they focus on research related to different markets, industries, services, and procedures. Finally, The University of Vaasa pays special attention to the topic of cyber security, particularly related to the energy field. Therefore, the university has many ongoing projects related to the development of cyber security concepts, practices, and technologies. Additionally the university offers various courses and educational offerings covering different aspects of Information and Cyber security, and currently is developing its special Comprehensive Security programme.


Vectra Networks GmbH

Vectra® is a leading AI-based security company specializing in threat detection and response in on-premise, hybrid and cloud environments. Vectra's information security platform and MDR services cover public cloud, SaaS, identity and network infrastructure. Unlike traditional threat detection methods that simply alert you to what's "out of the ordinary", Vectran's Attack Signal Intelligence™ detects and correlates attacker behavior – the TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Processes) that lie at the heart of all attacks. The result is a high-quality threat signal and a clear context of a security breach, enabling security teams to quickly prioritize, investigate and respond to urgent threats and prevent these attacks from turning into data breaches. Organizations around the world rely on the Vectra platform and MDR services to track and stay ahead of attackers. For more information, visit www.vectra.ai.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is a globally networked multitechnological applied research organization. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. We enhance our customers’ competitiveness, thereby creating prerequisites for society’s sustainable development, employment, and wellbeing.


WithSecure Oyj


Wärtsilä Oyj Abp



South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Siences – Xamk – is the third largest university of applied sciences in Finland. International cooperation is an important part of the University’s profile. With more than 350 partner educational institutions around the globe, Xamk sends and receives approximately 600 students in the frames of students exchange and double degree programmers. Xamk has developed cyber security training environments. Xamk's VirtualLab Virtual Laboratory is the most important investment since the Southeastern University of Applied Sciences began investing in cyber security. The Cyberlab data center on the Kotka campus is also an important part of data center technology education. Virtual labs are widely used in both RDI and cyber security education.


XCure Solutions

XCure Solutions Oy offers infromation security services to customers.



Xiphera has extensive experience in cryptography, secure systems, and electronics. We know the theory behind cryptography and cryptanalysis, and have the required skills to design the security solution for your needs. Our product portfolio includes Intellectual Property (IP) cores combining efficiency and first grade security in hardware, where the primary technology focus is Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).



Founded in 2015, YesWeHack is the #1 EuropeanBug Bounty & VDP Platform.

YesWeHack offers companies an innovative approach to security testing with Bug Bounty Programs (pay-per-vulnerability discovered), connecting more than 50,000 cybersecurity experts (ethical hackers) across 170 countries with client organizations of all sizes and industries aiming at reducing the attack surface.

YesWeHack runs private (invitation based only) and public bug bounty programs for hundreds of organizations worldwide in compliance with the strictest European regulations. In addition to bug bounty programs, YesWeHack also offers a Vulnerability Disclosure Policy, a pentest management platform, a learning platform for ethical hackers and a training platform for educational institutions.